Damn Good Voices is a boutique voiceover agency with around 100 voices. All are trained actors and are used to working across different media, be it TV commercials, radio, corporate, documentary or pretty much anything that requires a great voice. Call us on 07702 228185(more)

What we do

We tailor each casting suggestion to the individual clients needs.  We will supply you with a range of voiceover options along with MP3 files based on the brief we receive from you - so the more info you give us the better - we can then quote and cast accurately... (email us)

Studio Hire

We have our own on-site digital broadcast quality recording studio, designed specifically for single voice sessions.  We also have a producer, voiceover director and sound engineer on hand to ensure your sessions go as planned. Call us for more information or visit our parent company Crying Out Loud Productions… (more)



We have recently joined forces with McLean-Williams in order to bring even more fabulous voices to the already Damn Good ones!    

To find out more about McLean-Williams, please visit their WEBSITE

Stefanie Powers
Stefanie Powers…
Rob Vernon
Rob Vernon…
Verity-May Henry
Verity-May Henry…
David Jensen
David Jensen…
Colin Elmer
Colin Elmer…
Sohm Kapila
Sohm Kapila…