DGV was set up in 2009, and is focused on bringing new voices to the market, mixed in with some highly skilled experts. All of our voices have graduated from some of the best drama schools throughout the world (some not so recently!) and are dedicated in delivering a top class product.

Our exclusive list of artists represents a broad range of artistic experience and can cover virtually any brief, in terms of voice age, accent or delivery style. We have worked with every one of our voices in our own broadcast studio and continue to do so on a regular basis in order to ensure they continue to deliver incredible voiceovers for our clients.

So, to find the voice you're looking for either use the Search tool, browse at your leisure or give us a call on 07702 228185.

Simon Cryer - Creative Director / Owner

Simon worked in theatre for over 10 years as Musical Director/Composer/Sound Designer. He spent several months of several years working with Sir Alan Ayckbourn on numerous productions including seasons at The National Theatre in London as well as with many other directors on around 60 other productions throughout the UK.

He moved to composing music for theatre, BBC Radio 3 and 4 and a couple of Documentaries, TV pilots and films whilst dabbling in recording voicereels for friends and colleagues. Needless to say, things went well with the voiceovers and Crying Out Loud was born!

However, in 2000 (whilst continuing with Crying Out Loud) he moved from theatre and TV to commercial radio - working with major advertisers and stations throughout the UK.

He now spends much of his time producing and directing audio projects for a wide range of clients as well as ensuring Crying Out Loud stays at the top of its game in regards to voicereels/voiceover demos. Damn Good Voices is an exciting expansion to the ever-growing Crying Out Loud portfolio, and is now the most successful brand in our portfolio.

Georgia Hill - VOICe AGENT

Georgia stepped in to the world of voice over as a VO artist back in 2015 and after three years behind the mic, she decided that she wanted to transition into a behind the scenes role as a long term career move.
She has worked in agency for four years now and joined the Damn Good Voices team in January 2022 as the new Voice Agent!

Beyond her love for work, she is a massive foodie and enjoys travelling around the city at weekends trying new foods and restaurants (the spicier the better!). She also adores her furry feline friend, Mila.