Collective Agents

With a 360 vision and a wealth of experience, Collective Agents is set on rewiring the traditional representation model and bringing a more fluid approach. Collective Agents intends to use their global contacts in film, television, theatre, musical theatre, voice over and commercials to cross promote their clients. Partnering with Voice Over Agency Damn Good Voices, 44 West Management in New York and LA as well as Australian Agency, Ian White Management.


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Tildsley France Associates

Damn Good Voices is delighted to be working with Tildsley France Associates. Janice Tildsley established the agency in 2003, and in 2017 the agency was relaunched by Alex France as Tildsley France Associates.

The values and aims of our business are the same today as when the company was first formed: to manage to the best standard possible, a diverse list of excellent actors and creatives working in all genres of the industry, resulting in a quality agency. Our approach as an agency has always been personal, practical, pro-active and hands-on; we work with integrity, professionalism and a love of what we do and this approach is reflected in relationships with casting directors and other industry professionals.

We have relationships with, and work with a number of agents and managers in both New York and LA to ensure that clients have access to opportunities on both sides of the pond.

Tildsley France Associates is a member of the PMA.

TW: @TildsleyFrance